Our team

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who share the same passion for the outdoors and active adventure travel. Each of our members bring something to the table, with their unique sets of skills and qualities that they have developed over the years by turning their passion into career. Comprising of cyclists, mountaineers, rock-climbers, horse-riders, snowboarders, filmmakers, and an organized management team, Mongolian Tour Experts can make your dream journey into a reality!

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Most likely, our guide will be the first Mongolian you meet. Our well-experienced, knowledgeable guide will introduce you to Mongolia’s authentic nomadic culture and rich history while bringing you along through pristine natural landscapes.


Our drivers are not only experienced drivers and mechanics but they are also a great helping hand when it comes to the daily arrangements during the tour. 


You may be amazed at how our cook can prepare high-class restaurant meals during tented camping with portable cooking equipment. Our cooks can create a variety of nutritious meals for international tourists. They can cater to any special dietary requirements such as preparing meals for vegetarians/vegans.


Mountain Biking Guides (Bike Mechanic):

If your bike needs any adjustments or fixings, our mountain biking guide is the go-to person. They will cycle with you every day providing information about the routes. Every morning you can be sure to ride well-adjusted bikes as a result of their hard work.

Our team

Tour Logistic manager | Englsih speaking guide

Active and adventurous young man, Nara has made his passion of mountain-biking out in nature into a career. He has been working as a cycling tour guide and bike mechanic since he was a teenager. After working for many years at several companies – even as logistics and reservations manager at his last job – him and his mate with their expertise decided to start this brand. Even outside of work, he keeps his hobby alive as he is a member of the Mongolian Cycling Association as well as Nomads Cycling Club. His passion brought him many national cycling awards.

Sales Manager | English speaking guide

Having spent most of his life in the inbound travel sector, there isn’t a role Dashka hasn’t partook during his long career in tourism. From managing various duties in the office to handling travel equipment out in the field, he has done it all. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration. Now, he manages this brand using his wide range of skills he acquired over the years.

Reservation Manager | Mountaineering and ski tour leader

A true outdoorsman and extreme sports lover, Tino has been to the less-travelled parts of Mongolia. Whether he is mountain-climbing and snowboarding down the country’s highest peaks in western Mongolia, biking down rugged mountains, or rock climbing a secluded wall in a forest in central Mongolia, you can usually spot him bringing his camera equipment and drone. He decided to become a filmmaker after getting inspired on several trips when he guided international teams of adventure travel filmmakers. His first two films Half Eye (2018) and White Stupa (2019) shows challenges faced and overcame during his snowboarding adventures at the Altai Mountains, the highest peaks of Mongolia towering over 4,000 meters above sea level. His third film, 24HOURS/5 (2020) shows him and his team mountain climbing up to the highest five summits of the Altai Mountains within 24 hours. His fourth film, Freedom of the Wheel (2021) is about biking down rugged slopes of the Altai Mountains. Tino has participated in many snowboarding competitions and won many awards.

Travel chef

Starting out as an assistant travel chef in 2014, Otgoo is now a head chef. You’ll be surprised at how he is able to cook delicious restaurant-class dishes during trips out in wild nature. He cooks for our clients and at other times he is a head chef at World Wine, a chain restaurant in the capital.

Travel chef

An accomplished chef, Tenger has been working in the travel and restaurant sectors since graduating with a degree in culinary arts. Besides cooking for travelers, he has cooked at large events and several big restaurants in the capital. Now, he is the head chef at Asiana, a popular restaurant specializing in Mongolian and Asian cuisine.

Travel chef

A young chef passionate about cooking, Ochiroo puts his heart and soul into each meal just like the rest of our outstanding chefs. He is also a head chef at World Wine, a chain restaurant, when he is not on tours.

Travel chef

Lhagvaa is the cousin of Nara. Following in his older cousin’s footsteps, he also joined the travel sector and fell in love. Now he is an experienced chef who loves cooking outdoors. He is also a head chef at World Wine, a chain restaurant, when he is not cooking for clients.

Tour driver

Growing up and living as a nomad, Lhagvaa knows the Mongolian lands well because nomads have a good sense of direction as well as memorization of particular landscapes since they live in harmony with nature and move to different locations during the change of each season. You can say he has a GPS in his head. His family at Elsen Tasarkhai, nicknamed “Little Gobi”, has extra gers (traditional felt homes) serving as accommodations for clients, sort of like a guesthouse, so you can say it’s a guest ger.

Gerelt Od
Tour driver

Just like our other drivers, Gerelt Od also grew up in the countryside in a nomadic family. Because he grew up as a nomad, he is also able to traverse the Mongolian dirt roads without street signs or markers and reach destinations without hesitation.

Tour driver

Growing up as a nomad, Sansar knows well about Mongolian culture and traditions. He has been taking travelers from all around the world to all around Mongolia since early 2000s and knows the roads well, even to less-traveled places. During his break from driving, you can see him doing maintenance work on his car or helping out at the camp because he is quite the handy-man. From helping out with cooking to fixing things, he always remains busy.

Cycling guide

An energetic young man, Tuul has made his passion into a career. He has been riding since he was a child, and became a cycling tour guide and bike mechanic early in his adulthood. Outside of work, he still enjoys cycling as he is a member of the Mongolian Cycling Association and Nomads Cycling Club. He has participated in many national cycling competitions and won awards.

Cycling guide

With extensive knowledge about bikes and routes, Orgil is your go-to man for direction or if you need a fixing. Just tell him if there is a bike problem and he can fix it as quickly as possible. He enjoys escaping from the city once in a while to cycle out in beautiful nature while catching fresh air.