Horse riding tours

What better way to travel than by traveling on horseback in Mongolia – with its long-lasting horse-riding heritage. Ride across wide-open grasslands, known as the steppe, just as riders did on the Mongolian plateau since a few thousand years ago. Mongolian steppe is part of the greater Eurasian steppe, which is the world’s largest continuous steppe, stretching from Manchuria in northeast China through Central Asia and all the way to the Hungarian plains of eastern Europe. Our fully-supported horse-treks include the basics so you can just relax each evening after the camp is set up before falling asleep in your tent under thousands of stars in Mongolian wilderness.

Horse Riding in Terelj NP

  • 7 days
  • 910$
What could be more exciting than going for a few days’ horse riding in a country where culture revolves around horses? Escape on a short drive out of the bustling capital city and into Mongolia’s famous grasslands where you will horse-trek through a scenic valley...

Horse Riding in the Mongolia's Heartland

  • 10 days
  • 1375$
Go on an unforgettable horse-riding journey through Mongolian wide-open grasslands, lush forests and reach alpine lakes. On this journey you’ll ride in the Orkhon Valley, named after its flowing river, renowned for revealing remains of its historical significance as cradle of great nomadic confederations throughout...