Mountaineering & Ski tours

Embark on out-of-the-ordinary journeys to less-traveled parts of Mongolia! Mongolian Tour Experts offers mountaineering, skiing, and rock-climbing trips. Our mountaineering and ski tours bring you to the country’s highest peaks at the Altai Mountain range in westernmost Mongolia bordering China and Russia. Mongolia’s longest glacier, the Potanin, stretches for 19 kilometers from the eastern face of Mt. Khuiten, Mongolia’s highest point standing at 4,374 meters above sea level. Meet the region’s ethnic minority groups: Tuvans and Kazakhs. The Kazakhs have kept alive the tradition of hunting with golden eagles. Our rock-climbing trips take place in other unspoiled locations.

Mount Khuiten Climbing Tour

  • 13 days
  • 2290$
Are you feeling adventurous and do you want to climb Mongolia’s highest summit? Then, look no further. Our fully supported expedition brings you to Mongolia’s highest peaks, to the highest summit of Mount Khuiten standing at 4,374 meters above sea level. These majestic snowcapped mountains...

Ski Tour in Mongolia

  • 13 days
  • 1990$
Mongolian Tour Experts suggest a fresh adventure for both professional and amateur skiers and snowboarders to the remote Altai Mountain range in westernmost Mongolia. These mighty snow-capped mountains are the tallest peaks of Mongolia standing over 4,000 meters above sea level. A camel caravan supported...

Rock Climbing Tour

  • 12 days
  • 2450$
In 2021 and 2022 Mongolian tour experts mountaineering guide Tino led his X team to do Rock climbing and a documentary named "Up Side Down" and the first rock climbers to successfully do Kherkhluur's high rock wall through one route and there are hundreds of...