Although peak travel season is during the summer, Mongolia still has something mystical to offer during the winter. We can bring you to a remote area in northern Mongolia, where reindeer herders roam through the southern fringes of the Siberian taiga forest where their reindeer can graze. Families set up their teepees in areas with enough plants and lichens for their reindeer to feed on since their lives revolve around this precious animal that they depend on as a source of sustenance and transportation.

Winter Adventure to Reindeer Herders
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Price Per Person:
Price P.P
2 pax:
3 pax:
4-5 pax:
6-7 pax:
8-9 pax:
10-12 pax:
Single hotel room extra (except guest house):
  • 2 overnights 4 stars hotel in UB (twin/double)
  • 9 overnights at the loca guest house (4-10 people in a room)
  • 1 overnight at the Local hotel ( twin )
  • All indicated meals (B-Breakfast, L-Lunch and D-Dinner)     
  • Drinking water
  • All visits, NP and sightseeing fees
  • Russian strong 4x4 van including gasoline with experienced driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Airport transfers
  • City and country sightseeing fees
  • Cook
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not indicated
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Optional activities
Travel information:
  • * Mongolian winter tour from Sand dunes to Taiga where Reindeer herders are living
  • * Visit Uran Togoo Volcano of the Uran Togoo Natural Reserve.
  • * Visit frozen Khuvgul lake, the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia.
  • * Visit and take photo of Jargalant river which flowing in - 30 Celsius
  • * 2 full day meet and explore uniqui life of Reindeer herders in Taiga
  • * Visit Ar bosgot canyon which is located in the Khoridol saridag mountain range.
Day 1 Arrival in Mongolia

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia. Our guide will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to city centrally located 4-star hotel. After resting for a few hours at the hotel, a guide will lead you to a city sightseeing walking tour. First, you will visit the central city square with a grand statue of Genghis Khan. Then visit the Museum of National History introducing Mongolia's history from early humans to the modern era, Choijin Lama or State Oracle Residence-museum displays the best samples of Buddhist artwork and religious masks. Welcome dinner.

  • D
  • Hotel
Day 2 Drive to Elsen tasarkhai (little gobi)

After breakfast, our team will pick you up from the hotel and drive to Khugnu Khan mountains and Elsen Tasarkhai the little gobi which is part of Mongol els and 80km long and 5km wide sand dunes. Today you will stay in a Mongolian felt dome-shaped white house locally known as a ger. After lunch, we will drive to Sand Dunes and take photos there. Here we have a chance to take a picture of the Bactrian camel, domestic animals, and Mongolian local herder's lifestyle.

  • B.L.D
  • Local family
  • 300 km
Day 3 Drive to Urantogoo mount

Continue driving across wide-open steppes to Uran Togoo Volcano of the Uran Togoo Natural Reserve. Protected in 1965 by the government of Mongolia, Uran Togoo volcano is 1686 meters above sea level, a volcano that became dormant some 25 thousand years ago. We take an easy hike to the top of the volcano to view the crater inside as well as the surroundings. Today we will stay overnight at a local guest house. In the winter, guest houses usually have 1 or 2-floor simple winter log cabins. 4-10 people in a room.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • 300 km
Day 4 Drive to Khatgal town

Drive to Khatgal town. Today we will see the southern part of Frozen Khuvsgul lake. The lake is the largest freshwater lake in the country. The lake reaches 262 m at its deepest, 136 km (85 miles) long, and 36 km (22 miles) wide. The lake contains 70% of Mongolian freshwater sources and 1-2% of the world's freshwater. Sukhaabatar ship, a ferry-sized old passenger ship Sukhbaatar at the Hatgal boat dock. This 250 people-capacity ship is the later version of the ferry lines. You can go by winter horse carriage and buy some local souvenirs for a small additional fee.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • 400 km
Day 5 Drive to Renchinlhumbe town

Drive to Renchinlhumbe town. Today we drive on Khuvsgul Lake ice and you have a pretty good chance to get photos of the panoramic view of frozen Khuvsgul Lake from the mountain pass. Continue driving through Khoridol saridag which is one of the beautiful places with combinations of mountain meadows, taiga, and mountain steppe and taiga. Mountains with sharp peaks, deep narrow gorges, and steep slopes that are well-cut by valleys, and surrounded and covered by a larch tree forest are the perfect landscapes for photographers. In the evening we will reach the town and stay overnight at a local guest house.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • 130 km
Day 6 Drive to Taiga where Reindeer herders lives

Drive to Taiga home town of Tsaatan people (reindeer herders) which is surrounded by high mountains covered with thick pine forests. A small tribe of Tsaatan consisting of about 40 families lives with their herds of reindeer in the forests around the lake. These graceful animals provide the tribe with all its basic needs - milk, transportation, meat, skins and bones, and antlers used as building materials and tools.

  • B.L.D
  • Teepee
  • 70 km
Day 7 Full stay with Reindeer herders

A full day with Tsaatan people. During this day you can get photos of their unique lifestyle, reindeer, and living teepee.

  • B.L.D
  • Teepee
Day 8 Drive back to Renchinlhumbe town

We are today say goodbye to our Tsaatan friends and return to Renchinlhumbe town. En route, we shortstop to get photos surrounding beautiful landscapes and mountains.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • 70 km
Day 9 Drive to Ulaan Uul via Ar Bosgot canyon

Drive to Ulaan-uul town. En route, we will visit Ar bosgot canyon which is located in the Khoridol Saridag mountain range. The deep narrow gorge with wooded steep slopes with river ice like a mirror is one of the best places to get the photo.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • 80 km
Day 10 Drive to Murun town

Drive to Murun town. After breakfast, we load our bags into the van and drive to Murun town. En route, we will visit 13 ovoo the gateway of Darkhad valley. Ovoos are piles of stones and wood generally located in the passes and in sacred places. Mongolians walk three times around the ovoo making offerings: stones, milk... After arrival in Murun town we will stay overnight at local hotel and have a dinner in local restaurant.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • B.L.D
Day 11 Drive to Amarbaysgalant monastery

Drive to Amarbayasgalant monastery. It is a monastery complex built during 1727-1736 in honour of Zanabazar, the first Bogd, who was the head of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia. Originally, the complex consisted of over 40 temples surrounded by a wall, now 28 temples remain. It has been under State protection since 1944 and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • B.L.D
  • Guest House
  • 420 km
Day 12 Drive to Ulaanbaatar

We will drive back to UB. Farewell dinner at a local restaurant.

  • B.L.D
  • Hotel
  • 380 km
Day 13 Departure

Pick up from the hotel and transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

  • B